How Do Cranberries Grow?



It’s a good bet that how cranberries grow is a bit mysterious to most people. For instance, did you know this iconic holiday fruit spends much of its life underwater? This time of year the revered cranberry pops up in markets…and kitchens…with home cooks, bloggers, and chefs giving us new ways to pay homage to this seasonal berry. But there’s more to this story and true appreciation for healthy food comes in knowing where our food comes from.

Enter Nicole Cotroneo, film producer and advocate for agricultural literacy. Through the support of an over-the-top Kickstartershe donned a pair of waders and went deep to remove the veil from the lowly cranberry bog in this stunning video.

You can learn more about her How Does It Grow web series here.  Nicole is leading the way with a connect.the.dots approach to teaching people not just about eating but how food grows. Let’s all join her in that conversation.

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