The cozy bar inside The Rabbit Bistro. Photo by: Kelly O’Brien

Under the culinary direction of Chef Gabriel Gil, The Rabbit Bistro and Bar has been bringing cleverly conceived, expertly executed cuisine to South Eugene for three years. Gil is a practitioner of bistronomy—the art of presenting haute cuisine in a casual atmosphere at a reasonable price point.

The Rabbit provides all of these things, and their commitment to cooking seasonally, says Gil, is what makes it possible. “We’re a bistro, first and foremost,” he says. “We try to give the best product for the best price. Cooking seasonally is what allows us to do that.”

Chef Gabriel Gil. Photo by: Kelly O’Brien

Balancing a foundation in classic cuisine with a mastery of modern culinary techniques, Gil takes these local ingredients and turns out expressive dishes that change with the seasons. It could be argued, of course, that Eugene really only has two seasons (rainy and not-rainy), but Gil’s menu rotates four times a year, and October marks the beginning of his fall offerings.

Since many of us are beginning to mourn the departure of summer’s bounty, The Local Dish decided to sit down with Gil to talk about his seasonal mindset. His perspective reminds us of not only the power but also the practicality of using seasonal ingredients. Plus, he volunteers some of his favorite strategies for managing the months’ worth of root vegetables we’re about to cook our way through.

Whether you’re curious about this inventive chef’s philosophy, or you’re simply dying for something new to do with your parsnips, this is not an interview to miss!

Watch our video interview with Gil:

Kelly O’Brien is a freelance writer based in Eugene, Oregon. There’s little in this life she loves more than cooking, whether it’s roasting a chicken for a family dinner, assembly-lining tamales with friends and margaritas, or improvising a solo lunch with whatever she has in the fridge.