Best Tips for Storing Summer Berries


Enjoying the bounty of berry season  has everything to do with keeping berries fresh longer. The best way to fend off mold and decay is to keep berries dry, so always hold off on washing them until you’re ready to consume them.

If you notice any moisture on purchased berries, Barry Haynes, Produce Manager of the Ashland Food Co-Op, advises spreading them out on a paper towel to dry prior to refrigerating them. Once they’re dry, Haynes suggests storing berries in a breathable container, in a very cold section of your fridge.

“Keep them in the container you purchased them in, placed inside a plastic bag with the end open. This will allow for the release of ripening gases and prevent them from getting humid,” Haynes says.

By storing summer berries this way they can last up to a week, but use them within one to three days for peak flavor and texture.


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