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Crimini Mushroom Burger, Uneeda. Photo credit: Amie Simon

There’s always been great burger places in Seattle (including the classic Dick’s Drive-In), but within the last year or so, specialty burger places have been popping up all over. From the classic cheeseburger to more unusual combinations, Seattleites now have a lot of options for tasty grilled goodness to get their mouth around.

 Uneeda Burger

Located in upper Fremont, this burger joint opened by the owners of gastropub Quinn’s offers rustic charm. Built in a warehouse that was originally called Uneeda Auto & Boat Rebuild, the now-converted space features natural wood, community tables, and a big covered patio that will double its size in good weather. All burgers are made with all-natural locally-procured beef, but if you want to treat your taste buds, you can upgrade to 100% Kobe Grass-Fed Beef for an additional $3 or $4. They also have Lamb, Chicken, and Veggie options, and a variety of sides ranging from sweet potato fries to poutine. Burger prices vary between $4 for the classic to $12.50 for more specialized combos.

Recommended burger: The Philly Smash. Charred peppers and onions, Gruyere and special sauce. Try it with some of their thickly battered onion rings and a Mexican Coke.

Dope Burger

The newest of the bunch, this Belltown burger place is already earning rave reviews for its delicious offerings. With a colorful graffiti mural on the walls, Dope Burger has a fun and funky atmosphere to go with its “dope” attitude. Their ¼ pound patties are made with 100% Angus twice ground chuck, and served on fresh baked buns. In addition the usual sides, you can get avocado or sweet potato fries, and deep friend mushrooms. Burger prices range from $5 to $7, with options to sub a chicken breast for $1.50 extra.

Recommended Burger: The Super Mario. A Portabella Mushrom Cap filled with cheddar, swiss, and avocado, breaded and fried. Topped with iceberg lettuce, tomato and dope sauce (hint: you can also add a Super Mario to any burger for $3.75 – yum!).

Lunchbox Laboratory

With a recent move to South Lake Union (formerly located in Ballard), this home-style burger counter is guaranteed to drum up new business and satisfy loyal fans with its signature “build your own burger” menu. Patty choices include beef, prime rib, lamb, buffalo, dork (duck/pork), filet mignon, wild boar, red quinoa-falafel and more. You can choose to add toppings like maple bacon, pickled jalapenos, candied balsamic onions and cornbeef chili. They also offer 10-15 cheeses, over 20 different sauces, and sides including “tato tots” and mac n cheese. Burger prices vary depending on each component (starting at $9 for a plain, no-toppings beef burger). With so many options, it should be no surprise that these burgers are HUGE—so you might want to consider splitting one with a friend, or preparing to take the rest home for dinner.

Recommended burger: Lamb patty with feta cheese, lunchbox onions, and basil aioli with a side of sweet potato fries.

Built Burger

Evolving from an online patty delivery service, this small Pioneer Square space with minimalist décor and vintage signs cooks up unique, mouth-watering burgers. The secret is packing flavorful ingredients inside each patty, instead of just on top. Offering a menu of regular Builts, from the Pinnacle Bacon Bleu to the Thrill BBQ Pork, they also have daily specials on the board, and an array of dipping sauces for your burger and sides. Burger prices range from $7.50 to $8.95, or you can get one of their tasting plates with 3 Little Builts for $11.95 (flavors change daily).

Recommended burger: Supreme Pastrami. Braised market house pastrami with beef, mustards and pickles in the patty, topped with swiss, sauerkraut and thousand island—and don’t miss the savory potato beignets, which are like delicious little explosions of mashed potatoes in your mouth.

Red Mill

The most traditional burger place on the list, Red Mill burgers originally opened in 1937 but had to close in 1967. Fortunately, they re-opened in 1994 and now have two locations in Phinney Ridge and Magnolia. With a 50s-style atmosphere, this classic diner serves up basic burgers at a decent price, just be prepared to wait in the long lines. Their menu is pretty basic, but always fresh and delicious. The Red Mill Deluxe with Cheese, Double Bacon, and BBQ Burger are all popular favorites. Burger prices range from $4 to $8, with fries and onion rings for sides.

Recommended burger: Verde Burger. Fire roasted Anaheim peppers, jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion and mill sauce. FYI: If you’re not a meat eater, the flavors in the Verge Veg Burger are also amazing!

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