Believe it or not, the Greater Puget Sound area has a lot in common with the French region of Brittany. Both places are known for their rainy but generally mild weather, both are famous for their beer and cider, and both are great places to get that fussy French treat, the crêpe.

These thin, versatile innovations have spread across Seattle in a variety of forms. Some can be found at classic French bistros, others in their natural habitat: street vendors and specialty crêperies. It’s worth exploring the several crêpe sellers around town to get a real taste of all the amazing things these sweet disks of dough can do.

For a classic crêpe experience, La Créperie Voilà downtown (by the Convention Center) is a great place to start. In operation since 2005, the small but well equipped kiosk serves both savory Breton galettes and sweet Parisian crepes. For an especially delicious local (if not exactly Old World) recipe, try the Smoked Wild Salmon Lox crêpe (smoked salmon with crème fraîche, fresh spinach, lemon, and herb butter).

La Créperie Voilà 
707 Pike St. #1
Seattle, WA

Moving up the hill, The Madison Valley neighborhood has a well-kept secret in its cornucopia of French cuisine. La Côte Créperie on a vibrant, local-friendly stretch of E. Madison Street. La Cote is more of a sit-down restaurant that encourages the indulgence of European-style crêpes, along with fresh housemade soup and a glass of wine – or if you’re feeling especially authentic, they also serve cider. If you’re lucky enough to visit on a day when their Smoked Duck crêpe is on the menu, order up this must-have treat.

La Côte Créperie
2811 E Madison St

But crêpes aren’t just the purview of Breton cuisine and quaint bistros. Crepan, a sleek crêperie that transposes a little bit of Tokyo onto First Hill, specializes in international crêpes. Their Asian-style sweet crepes are a nice dessert alternative when ice cream doesn’t perk up your tastebuds. The Banana Chocolate Cream crêpe is among their best. It’s a good place to expand your palette once you’ve tasted some of the more classic, continental varieties.

Crepan Crepe World
1303 Madison St

Whether you visit some of the city’s best places for crêpes, or make your own delectable version at home – sit back and relax with your meal and a hot café au lait, and enjoy a little bit of Paris charm in Seattle.