Bar Tabs: Here’s to Happy Hour in Seattle!

Salty’s at Alki. Photo: Yelp

If 4:55 p.m. on a summer afternoon finds you sitting at a desk, breathing stale, dry air with notes of toner and copy paper, staring intently at the computer clock as the gray felt cubicle walls close in around you, don’t despair. Hope is not lost: happy hour is but a few moments away. Shuffle some paper around your desk. Pretend to check your voicemail. Scribble on a notepad, brow furrowed as though you’re deep in thought.

And when that five and his two best friends show up on your monitor, gather your bag and do the happy hour hustle to the door: eyes down, brisk walk, preferably absorbed in a mock phone call so nobody tries to talk to you. Once safely outside, enjoy a deep breath of unconditioned summer air, and get to one of these places for a drink, an app, and a respite from the fact that in 16 hours you’ll be right back at that desk.

622 Broadway East, Seattle, WA

Happy Hour: Tue-Thur and Sun 5pm-7pm, nightly 9pm-11pm

Poppy is known for their original cocktail creations, and you can often find a drink that neither you nor anyone no one else has ever heard of. Happy hour at Poppy includes three rotating cocktails that are $5 each, and a $5 thali plate, a mixture of smaller dishes served on one plate. Cocktail choices include but are not limited to weird/promising choices like Baked Apple, Rum Curry and Turkish Delight.

Café Venus
609 Eastlake Ave East, Seattle, WA
Happy Hour: Mon–Fri 4–7 pm, Sat 6–9 pm, Sun 6 pm–2 am

Café Venus and the accompanying marsBar have a great space-themed atmosphere. The menu features a hummus plate ($6), flatbread pizzas ($6) and ever-popular (and cheesily named) Astronachos ($5). Beers and well drinks are $1 off during happy hour, and they have a good selection of local favorites to choose from.

Salty’s at Alki
1936 Harbor Ave SW, Seattle, WA
Happy Hour: Daily, 3pm-6pm

Salty’s at Alki has an expansive deck overlooking the Puget Sound, making for amazing views of the city during the early evening. The happy hour menu includes plenty of seafood choices like oysters ($2), fish and chips ($8), seafood chowder ($4) and a halibut taco ($4). There are also beer selections for $4 and $5 wines.

Pink Door
1919 Post Alley, Seattle, WA
Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 3pm-5pm, 10pm-Close

The Pink Door is known for having a performing trapeze artist, an extensive wine list, and the best deck in Seattle. Happy hour gets you a slew of $5 appetizers, including pizza topped with artichokes and pancetta, rigatoni with meatballs and black olive tapenade, $2 beers and $3 wine and well drinks.


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