Artisan Food is Here to Stay

Soft Egg with Salinity Salts Rosemary Garlic Finishing Salt

This breakfast egg shot that my foodie friend, Gwenne Wilcox, sent me really got me thinking about one of the reasons that I declared 2014 as The Year of the Artisan here at The Local Dish. This home-y, comforting soft boiled egg sprinkled with Rosemary Garlic Finishing Salt from Salinity Salts represents why food artisans are changing the taste of food on the American table. You see, the salt, like hundreds of other 21st century foods, is turning the simple to sublime in new and healthy ways.

Salinity Salts bottles
Photo: Lisa Russell

Small-batch handcrafted products are finding their rightful place on my shopping lists. Simply put, they’re clean and full of taste. No cover-up needed. Unlike most processed and packaged foods that contain a laundry list of chemicals (who can pronounce them?!), artisanal foods, such as Simple and CrispOatworks, and Effie’s Homemade, are crafted from ingredients found in nature….and nothing else…often from the local region. Artisans are bringing products to the food system that will rescue our collective taste buds from the food impostors that have filled our cupboards for decades. You’ll want to come back often to The Local Dish for new artisan stories, products and recipes so you can put new tastes on your table.

Top photo credit: Gwenne Wilcox

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