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2 Mar, 2015

1-2-3 Gluten-Free Baking

By | Updated on July 19, 2019  March 2, 2015|

Have you found yourself forgoing those treasured sweet treats because of gluten intolerance? Have a special someone who wants a gluten-free birthday cake? ....More

24 Feb, 2015

Eating Clean the Fermented Way

By | Updated on April 8, 2018  February 24, 2015|

  If you've never heard the term lacto-fermentation, you're not alone. If you've eaten sauerkraut or pickles, then you've already been ....More

5 Feb, 2015

Which Foods Are GMO?

By | Updated on April 8, 2018  February 5, 2015|

Which foods are GMO and which aren't? It’s a question on the minds of many food shoppers these days and one that ....More

4 Feb, 2015

Growing Food, Not Lawn

By | Updated on April 8, 2018  February 4, 2015|

With spring around the corner and seed catalogs in hand (I'm reading Baker Creek, Territorial Seed and Siskiyou Seeds!), my mind ....More

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