Doyle Brothers Learn Seed Oil Business From the Ground Up

Meet brothers Andrew and Luke Doyle, land stewards-in-training.  They are part of a three generation farming family led by their parents, Kit and Lisa Doyle, co-owners of the Seed Oil Company nestled in the Southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley. Together with siblings and brothers-in-law they are growing and crafting organic, 100% GMO-free, vegan and gluten-free seed oil products and learning business from the ground up. With a shattered construction business and a family to support in the wake of the Great Recession in 2009, their father Kit Doyle, decided to go back to the land and create a legacy for generations to come with a new farming paradigm.

During the first four years, he discovered that pumpkin, grape and Camelina seeds are a perfect match with the temperate climate of the region. As part of this family owned and run business, the Doyle siblings have been involved in all aspects of the business from planting to harvesting, pressing to packaging, and retailing.

 In keeping with their commitment to being good stewards of the land, the products get the same respect and ethical treatment…no preservatives, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals….from planting to package. According to Lisa, “we can’t make enough powder and oil so we just had to add more equipment”. An endorsement from Dr. Oz on his widely viewed television show had put the family business on the national map. So to meet an ever increasing consumer demand for healthy “clean” food, they will soon take delivery of a new five head press. “We can’t wait to get it running”, she adds.

 The company’s two key products from the beginning, Pumpkin Seed Oil and Pumpkin Seed Powder, have been widely sought for the anti-oxidant health benefits they provide to heart, prostate, insomnia, and inflammatory conditions.  Lisa says, “the feedback on the pumpkin seed powder has been amazing. It has really taken off. People tell me all the time they just feel better when they add it to their smoothies. They don’t want to go without it”.

 Pet owners across the country have also been clamoring for their organic Megga Dog, a natural Omega 3 Camelina Oil with energy and skin healing properties.  Lisa says  “it is a wonderful product and very healthy. We sell a lot of it for pets.  We are even about to label it for birds”.

 As a hedge against potential weather and pest related threats to their farming operation, the Doyles have diversified their business with the launch of Nature Scripts, a medical dispensary in Murphy, Oregon. In addition to standard cannabis fare, they offer users a cannabis-infused pumpkin seed oil, which can metabolize more efficiently.

 Theirs is the story of a 21st century sustainable family farm and business, with kindness for the land from every seed.

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