Raw Reigns Supreme at JEM

With the increasing demand for transparency in our food systems, artisanal food hubs are sprouting up across the country to with food visionaries creating products that meet that need. As it happens, Bend, Oregon is one of them. There you will find some serious soaking, sprouting and grinding going on at JEM Raw Organics, the superfood darling of Central Oregon. A few years back we met up with Jen Moore, Nutrition Science professional and co-owner, along with her husband Tim Moore, at the Oregon Chocolate Festival. Together with recipe master, Nik Rueth, they have since crafted a line of raw nut butters that now see global shores.

Listen to Jen describe what makes their nut butters “the healthy version of nutella”:

In keeping with Jen’s background in health, nutrition and fitness, she developed a passion for nutrient-dense superfoods, such as Maca, a root in the radish family, and superberries Maqui and Camu, indigenous to Patagonia and Peru. They serve as the perfect companions to hazelnuts and almonds.

Through a 50 hour long process of soaking and sprouting, key enzymes are activated making the high-protein nuts more digestible and rich in essential fats, minerals and vitamins, which translates to a super energy food. JEM nut butters maintain a raw state through measured slow grinding until the blends reach 20 microns, the point at which the tongue can no longer perceive texture.

JEM’s silky nutrient-dense raw food is capable of providing complete satisfaction in a single spoonful. But why stop there?


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