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For the past decade, The Local Dish has been passionate about one thing—connecting environmentally-concerned locals with the food and drink establishments in their community that are making a difference through positive business practices. Delicious food doesn’t have to come at the expense of the environment.

Our mission is to make local, authentic and sustainability-minded food and drink businesses an everyday choice…at home and on the road.

We’re committed to helping protect the earth, one positive change at a time. Our search directory includes businesses that take any number of sustainability steps, like:

  • Sourcing ingredients locally when possible.
  • Creating authentic products and contributing to the strength of their community.
  • Using eco-packaging
  • Recycling
  • Employing creative business practices to reduce waste

Since 2017, readers have viewed business listings more than 40,000 times. The Local Dish is home to food artisans, farm-to-table restaurants, boutique wineries, craft breweries, organic farms, chocolate makers, cheesemakers, artisan bakers and more.

Here you will find businesses that share good food you can feel good about.

See at a glance what steps businesses are taking to protect the environment, share new finds with your friends, make a reservation or send a question to a business. Think of The Local Dish as your new best friend for food and drink recommendations, wherever you are.

If you’re a climate-concerned food enthusiast at home or on vacation, you can expect to find new local gems to try, food & drink events, or an old favorite that you haven’t visited in a while.

If you run an environmentally-conscious business, we promise loyal customers who align with your values. The only thing missing is you!

Ready to join the movement? Add your business to the directory.

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