Day: February 1, 2013

Seattle Locals Love: George’s Sausage and Delicatessen

Let’s say you find yourself in downtown Seattle and you want a deli sandwich. Not just any sandwich but a real sandwich, one made of foods that seemed destined to be stacked together for the sake of your hunger and enjoyment. Sure, you could stop into a franchise shop to eat a thoroughly corporate sandwich, […]

Eating Grass-Fed vs. Corn-Fed: Where’s the Beef?

Eating Grass-Fed vs. Corn-Fed: Where’s the Beef?

Cows eat grass. As ruminants, they’re naturally equipped for it: their special stomachs easily digest their foraged fare. When they eat corn or soy, as they do within the confines of a CAFO, cattle require constant antibiotics, and develop acidic stomachs that foster E.coli. So why is the majority of American cattle today fed on […]

No Late Fees at Seed Lending Library

Everyone’s talking about urban farming these days, but finding the money and buying the right seeds can be a daunting task that sends would-be kitchen gardeners reaching for their take-out menus instead. Imagine you could come to your local library and check everything out at once. You could get your blueberries and your beets right along […]