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Winemaker Dinners at Lorella, Larks, and Capers, and More Oregon Food Events

Welcome to Wednesday Rundown on The Local Dish.  Every week we’ll showcase food and drink events, classes, and festivals around Oregon. Follow this space for events happening soon in case reservations are needed. Scroll down for events later in the month. Thursday, March 16  What: Caprial And John Pence are still dishing up their eponymous cooking class, this week at Albertina Kerr in Portland. Expect a fun, intimate lunch lession learning their best tips for cocktails and appetizers. Where: Albertina Kerr, 424 NE 22nd Ave., Portland Details: 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.; $35, includes lunch Call to get a seat at the table. Reservations required. Thursday, March 16  What:… See More

Roaming For Wine in Southern Oregon

Grab your designated driver for the Tour of 7. These wineries each boast their own bucolic settings, with outstanding vistas along the way.

Southern Oregon Bakers Showcase Edible Art

Three home bakers from Southern Oregon have taken custom cakes to a new edible level. Their exquisite designs are prized year-round at weddings, special events and many a child’s birthday party around the region.

The Inside Story On Ducks and Tarts At Greyback Farm

Artist and designista, Wendy Testu, heads from San Francisco to the family farm in Southern Oregon to deepen her connection to food and farming.

The Best New Farmstead Cheese in Southern Oregon

Goat cheese, or chèvre, and cow’s milk fromage blanc have enjoyed a real surge in popularity over the past few years, and Southern Oregon is now home to several farmstead creameries rising to meet the demand. Cheeses made from goat and cow’s milk, for instance, have more protein, they can be lower in fat, calories and cholesterol; they’re easier to digest – and they’re very, very tasty. The soft silky texture of fromage blanc, for instance, makes it the perfect partner with herbs, sundried tomatoes and garlic. The year round temperate climate of Southern Oregon makes it an ideal region for a… See More

Mastering Organic Herbs at Oshala Farm

“I believe food is your medicine,” says Elise Higley, who with her husband, Jeff, owns and operates Oshala Farm in Southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley. “Whatever you put in your body has a reaction.” Since 2013, the Higleys, both native Californians, have been able to combine Elise’s knowledge and interest in Western Herbalism with Jeff’s decades-long background in organic farming to grow a variety of organic herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables at Oshala Farm. The 113-acre property includes 53 acres of farm fields and 60 acres in mixed woodland. About 25 acres are in production this year. “We are at the size where we can… See More

The Grapes of the 42nd Parallel

One of my favorite excursions on a sunny, warm Sunday afternoon is to drive out Oregon Highway 238 winding through the peaked hills of what locals affectionately refer to as “The Applegate.” Unbeknown to most, nestled throughout this vibrant green valley and much of the greater Rogue Valley region of southern Oregon are some of the world’s finest vineyards. Known for its mild climate and warm summers, the Rogue and Applegate valleys have all the beauty and charm of Sonoma and Napa valleys without the population density from a nearby metropolis. Situated 42 degrees north of the equator and just two degrees… See More

Deux Chats Bakery Starts With Passion

Deux Chats Bakery Starts With Passion

It’s a lucky traveler who comes home not only with fantastic photos and riveting tales of foreign adventure, but also delicious food memories that are so epic one’s taste buds respond on queue to fond recollections of a savory treat found in a special Parisian bakery or the perfect Pilsner sipped in the off-the-beaten-track cafe in Berlin. Worldly experiences of the culinary variety can be so remarkable that when we return home from our trip, we want to recreate not just those flavors, but also the long ago feelings. Such was the starting point for Michelle and Garrett Furuichi, the much… See More

Farmers Market Quiche with Kale and Sausage

Recipe courtesy of Chef Chad Smith in Ashland, Oregon. Ingredients Try this vibrant brunch dish that puts local ingredients all in the same pan. Pâte Brisée: 2½ cups Dunbar Farms flour 1½ teaspoons salt 1½ teaspoons sugar 3/4 cup chilled butter, cut into one-inch cubes 3 Willow-Witt eggs 4 teaspoons water Lemon zest Filling: 12 Willow-Witt eggs 1 cup crème fraîche 1 pound Willow-Witt sausage, cooked and sliced 2 Barking Moon leeks, chopped 6 cups Barking Moon kale, chard, collard greens, leaves only, chopped, 4 ounces Mama Terra goat cheese Directions Preheat oven to 375. Sift together flour, salt and sugar…. See More

Rogue Valley’s Best Breakfast Spots

When traveling through bucolic Southern Oregon, there are two cities that definitely stand out as having the best-of-the-best spots for breakfast or brunch. Here’s a shoutout to the newest darling for their focus on farm-to-restaurant collaboration, and their reliably creative, seasonal mouthfuls. Co-owner and chef, Ellen Buttercloud Bakery & Cafe  Sourcing from Fry Family Farms, Whistling Duck Farm veggies; Willow Witt picks up veggie scraps for Willow Witt pigs and gets sustainably-raised pork in return.  Morning Glory Breadboard Browse our handy guide and grab a seat at one of the top restaurants for a traditional eggs, sausage, and toast, or fruit-topped… See More