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Behind Banchan: The Dish on Korean Sides

For all you shy diners, The Local Dish has put together a helpful guide to navigate your way through this vast spectrum of sides that range from pickled daikon to boiled bean sprouts. Ah, Korean cuisine – known for its flavorful, pungent barbecue with a smell that can linger in your hair and in the fibers of your clothing for days after.  If you’ve ever been to a Korean restaurant, you know what I’m talking about. You’ve probably also tried its array of side dishes known as banchan. But unless you have roots in Korea, you’ve probably just eaten what’s… See More

Eat Your Yard: Zucchini

Editor’s note: With long hot days spreading across the land, don’t give up on getting some heat-loving plants started in the ground or large pots. You’ll be able to eek out a mid-to-late September harvest to accompany your end-of-season tomatoes and eggplants. (First posted June 2011) Looking for a veggie that will yield a high amount of produce in your garden this summer? You can’t go wrong with zucchini. Growing one zucchini plant will leave you in a constant search for recipes just to keep up with how quickly the plant produces! Zucchini is one of the more bountiful varieties… See More

Grow Food, Not Lawns

Why would anyone want a lawn? Sure, it makes a great space for kids to play, but most homeowners are literal slaves to their lawns: mowing, weeding, and dumping tons of toxic fertilizers every year. Lawns are also thirsty, and with climate change, water is getting sparse – and expensive. So why not get a life, save the planet, and eat tasty local food? These three San Francisco gardeners have successfully turned their lawn wastelands into valuable crops. Daphne Alden is an affable young mom with a lovely garden close to the venerable Palace of Fine Arts. She transformed her… See More

Studio Gourmet: The Chefs Behind the Menus

But at San Francisco’s Studio Gourmet, a monthly culinary talk show, foodies spend an intimate night with Bay Area chefs where they get to know the minds behind the menu. The event, hosted by Brad Lev, begins with a cooking demonstration, followed by the chef’s interview and a food tasting. While still a new project, Lev has already featured local celebrity chefs like Gary Danko’s Martin Brock, SPQR’s Matthew Accarrino – and this month, will feature Jeff Banker and Lori Baker of Baker & Banker.You’ve tasted their food – perhaps even left a glowing Yelp review about their restaurant, or snapped photos… See More

Local Food Gifts Guide: San Francisco

From the outside, Cal Mart in San Francisco’s Laurel Village Shopping Center may look like just another grocery store, but they go above and beyond when it comes to local food gifts! They’ve got a fantastic selection of local food gifts like wine, Redwood Hill Farm cheese, Columbus salami, and a whole display case of decadent desserts. These tasty items would make a beautiful local gift basket for family members or friends, or provide just the right way to say thank you. Perhaps you’re in need of a delicious dessert to serve at an upcoming event? Sweet Things is a local bakery that… See More

Siren SeaSA: SF’s only Seafood CSA

Unless you’re out in the waters yourself, it’s pretty hard these days to find fresh, local seafood. Think that salmon and his buddies chillin’ in the Safeway case came from the San Francisco Bay? Er – probably not. That’s why Petaluma’s Anna Larsen is our new best friend for subaquatic foods. Larsen (pictured above, showing off her sashimi-grade albacore at Mission Pie, one of two weekly drop-off spots) is the one-woman conductor behind Siren SeaSA (sound it out – pretty clever, eh?), the only seafood CSA that delivers the finest local and sustainably caught seafood to the Bay Area public. Larsen works… See More

Tapas and Beer at Thirsty Bear

Looking for a restaurant in San Francisco that serves delicious food? There are many to choose from, but what about one that serves local and organic craft beer and food? Thirsty Bear organic restaurant and brewery is just the right place. Ron Silberstein, founder, owner, and head brewer of Thirsty Bear, says that “Understanding huge environmental impacts to our soil, water, and health from using fossil fuels as pesticides and fertilizers,” is what led him to becoming “a certified green business by the city of San Francisco, and having [the] brewery certified organic by the CCOF…” back in 2007. The… See More

Another Reason to Eat Dessert First

Have you ever been to a restaurant and wanted to order dessert first? That’s how Project Open Hand got the idea for their annual event—Dessert First—where not only are you eating dessert first, but that’s all you’re eating! This event provides residents in and around the Bay Area with the opportunity to support the community and experience decadent desserts from some of the area’s best dessert chefs. Project Open Hand is a nonprofit organization that provides grocery deliveries and daily meals for local San Francisco and Alameda County community members with terminal illnesses such as HIV/AIDS and breast cancer, and… See More

Taste a Summer Harvest at Andy’s Orchard

Andy’s colorful, inviting orchard. All photos by: Samantha Clark Taste forty different varieties of cherries of all sizes, colors, and flavors, plus some stone fruits, artisan jams (like Agave Apricot and Cherry Chocolate Almond), and chocolate covered cherries. Then grab a red bucket and follow the humble and keen Andy Mariani of Andy’s Orchard to pick the ripest, freshest, and most delicious summer fruits. That’s what tour go-ers did this past Father’s Day. During the summer months, only a handful of Harvest Walks are offered, and each one features a different fruit during its peak ripeness. Andy Mariani was crowned Cherry… See More

A Bite of the Web: San Francisco’s Best Bakeries

The San Francisco Bay Area has a wide range of excellent bakeries. Whether you’re looking for a taste of one of their famous sourdough loaves, a buttery, flaky croissant, or an ooey-gooey cinnamon roll, we’ve put together a list of links from around the web to help you hunt them down. Take a look, then head to your pick to peruse—and drool over—the pastry case! Best Bakeries in San Francisco San Francisco’s Best Sourdough Bread Best Croissants in San Francisco Best Bakeries – Inner and Outer Richmond Best San Francisco Bakeries Best of –… See More