Crescendo Organic Spirits are Sunshine in a Bottle

Crescendo Organic Spirits citrus liqueurs are Made in Oregon, GMO-free organic lemon, lime and orange liqueurs that rival any found in Italy.

Bare Bones Takes Kettle Success to Midwest

The trend is broth-drinking is on the rise and companies are jumping in to meet the consumer demand. Known as a healing ingredient in the daily diet, strong bones are sure to follow.

Dreaming Uber Herbal into Reality

Liz Bretko leads a busy life of grinding her spices by bike and tending her organic farm-centric cafe in Grants Pass, Oregon. You just might catch her daughter, Be, creating in the kitchen.

Moms Love Ambrosia Natural Bakery

For Sabrina Kate, ambrosia means organic, gluten-free, and vegan…a passion that came alive when she and her daughter experienced serious health issues from food allergies. As the owner of Ambrosia Natural Bakery, located in the bucolic Applegate Valley region of Southern Oregon, professional chef Sabrina thrives on bringing allergen-free, vegan and GMO-free treats to her customers…a few of whom just happen to be her children. Sabrina is one of a growing number of Oregon food entrepreneurs who are manifesting a serious passion for their own health, their family’s, and that of the environment. Sustainability always plays a significant role in their choice of ingredients, using only… See More

Farm-to-Kitchen Fridays at Dunbar Farms

There’s a little known gem of unparalleled farmland within the city limits of Medford that boasts vineyards, fields of organic produce and heirloom grains, and the city’s only farm-fresh store. Even in the darkness of winter Dunbar Farms is vibrant and alive with a flurry of Friday night activity for food and wine enthusiasts. The farm is a multi-generational, sustainable, century-old operation run by David Mostue and his mother, Emily Carpenter Mostue. Their farm-to-kitchen tradition continues during the winter months with estate-grown Rocky Knoll wine tasting and cooking class led resident-chef, Kristopher Thornhill. This can be your ultimate relaxation at the end of a long work week.  Here’s the… See More

A Cut Above with Local Meat

We’ve come a long way since the days when organic and natural foods were the exception instead of the norm. Consumers now insist on and get “clean” wholesome foods, including meats. In Southern Oregon, there are approximately 20 ranches and dairies that produce premium grass-fed organic and natural meats, including Full Circle Bison Ranch. Full Circle Bison Ranch is the only certified organic bison ranch west of the Rockies. Bison are grass-fed on only certified organic pastures and raised hormone- and antibiotic-free. Bison meat has less fat and cholesterol and fewer calories than beef. It also has more iron, vitamins B-12 and… See More

Artisan Foods from the Farm

Artisan Foods from the Farm

The usually conflicting concepts of the traditional and the innovative come together in the personality of Vangie White, the soft-spoken proprietor of Meso Nutso, a Coburg, Oregon, all-natural, specialty food business Growing up, Vangie spent many happy hours learning about cooking, baking and entertaining from her beloved grandmother. Years later, she was browsing through some of her grandmother’s recipes, and came across one for candied walnuts. Seeing the recipe sparked an idea to make up a batch of the flavored nuts and share them with her then-co-workers (she was a medical assistant at the time). The nuts were a hit… See More

Map Your Gardening Zone

Depending on your location, the view out your window could look like this…. OR some version of this… Either way, this time of year can present a few welcome, or much maligned, teaser days for the impatient gardener. Whatever your view from the window, have hope. Spending a few hours planning your summer harvest, will get you through what ‘ol man winter has in store. If you’ve ever bought seeds or plants from a garden catalog or store, you’ve probably seen a brightly colored USDA Hardiness Zone Map like the one pictured above. So what does that rainbow of color and temperature designations mean,… See More

7 Best Ways to Eat Organic on a Budget

Hippocrates said it best, “Let Food Be Thy Medicine, and Medicine Be Thy Food.” How can you translate this ancient wisdom into success in a more expensive modern world? These 7 best ways to eat organic on a budget will allow you to add more organic foods into your diet, and help you get the most bang for your buck!Buy clean food.Buying organic meat, dairy, and eggs, and produce will reduce the chance of ingesting the pesticides and herbicides commonly used in conventional farming.  If you’re on a tight budget, at least go organic with foods found on the  “dirty dozen” list. They have the… See More

An Iraq Vet’s “Clean Food” Journey

I’m pleased to welcome Mike Yost, guest contributor, and his tale of two foods to The Local Dish. Organics and clean food played a big role in helping him regain his health following his tour of duty in Iraq and he will be sharing his continuing food journey here on The Local Dish. Barb  I started out the same as everyone else when organic foods began showing up in most grocery stores. I viewed organic foods as “premium items”, perhaps some sort of gourmet treat for when I got tired of eating chips. But shortly after serving in Iraq as a combat medic,… See More