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Pono Farm PDX Redefines Made from Scratch At Soul Kitchen

Pono Farm Soul Kitchen receives a steady diet of Wagyu beef and heritage pork from its supplier Pono Farm and Fine Meats, also owned by the Nakato Family.

A Cut Above with Local Meat

We’ve come a long way since the days when organic and natural foods were the exception instead of the norm. Consumers now insist on and get “clean” wholesome foods, including meats. In Southern Oregon, there are approximately 20 ranches and dairies that produce premium grass-fed organic and natural meats, including Full Circle Bison Ranch. Full Circle Bison Ranch is the only certified organic bison ranch west of the Rockies. Bison are grass-fed on only certified organic pastures and raised hormone- and antibiotic-free. Bison meat has less fat and cholesterol and fewer calories than beef. It also has more iron, vitamins B-12 and… See More

Get Bold with Your BBQ: Grill Some Paella

 Summer grilling typically brings to mind favorites like hamburgers, salmon and pork chops.  If you’re feeling adventurous enough to try something different, how about paella?  This traditional Spanish peasant dish was typically cooked over an open fire, so grilling it brings an extra touch of authenticity. “Paella is a philosophy and a cooking style more than a formula,” says Alex Province, my brother-in-law. Although Alex was raised in the United States, he was born in Madrid and went to graduate school in Spain. Today he is a manager for a wine company, owner of a Spanish wine import company, and… See More

Exotic Food Finds at Barbur World Foods

Deli items are made on site, many of them from the same family recipes that are used at Ya Halla, Attar’s popular Lebanese restaurant on SE Stark Street. Their fresh pita bread – baked to order in a Wood Stone oven – is yeasty, chewy, and a perfect vehicle for their house-made smoky baba ghanouj and lemony homous (hummus). And don’t pass up the super flaky spanikopita, a savory pastry stuffed with spinach and feta cheese, or the moujadra, a simple basmati rice and lentil pilaf, garnished with rich caramelized onions. In the mood for pizza? Try one of their… See More

Cooking with Coffee: Making the Most of Seattle Beans

There’s no denying that Seattle residents love their coffee.  Black and strong, light and frothy, with non-fat milk, or in a breve latte…there’s an inexhaustible number of ways we enjoy it. And because most of us lap it up in the morning (ok, and afternoon…and evening) we can forget there are other things to do with coffee besides drink it. Cooking with coffee is fantastic. Of course, adding coffee to desserts might not be a surprise to most foodies—even people who aren’t coffee drinkers devour sweet delights like Italian tiramisu and hand-crafted mocha ice cream—but using it to enhance the… See More

Eastern Market Meat is Top Choice

Among many other things (including hundreds of local vendors selling everything from flowers to fresh produce to craft foods and LOTS more — you don’t fill six blocks with just run-of-the-mill offerings, after all), Eastern Market is one of the best places in Metro Detroit to score direct-from-the-butcher meats. With some 28 butcher shops surrounding the 43-acre market, there is a shop to suit each of your meat-buying needs, no matter how diverse. The meat at these markets is served up and displayed in the same old-world fashion that it has been for decades. Unlike the pre-packed, mass-marketed, over-styled meat… See More

Local Meat in Seattle: Bill the Butcher

We’ve noticed something happening up in Seattle lately. In all fairness, it started over a year ago, but it keeps gaining momentum. We’re talking about the return of the butcher shop. Sure, there were few butcher shops here and there, but in the name of convenience and one-stop-shopping, most people have been buying their local meat in Seattle from the grocery store, not giving a second thought to where it came from. (We aren’t kidding about this. One package of ground beef we saw said “May contain meat from the USA, Australia or New Zealand.”) But for residents all over… See More