Southern Oregon’s Farm Dinner Pioneers

Leaders of Oregon’s farm-to-fork movement blazed the trail for the growth of artisanal hand-crafted food and wine. What are they doing now? Think salt, wine, and urban farming.

1-2-3 Gluten-Free Baking

Have you found yourself forgoing those treasured sweet treats because of gluten intolerance? Have a special someone who wants a gluten-free birthday cake? Look no further! Based in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, a small perfectly-picturesque town in the shadow of big city Cleveland, 1-2-3 Gluten Free is one of the fastest “rising” brands serving up a line of customizable and sugar-free baking mixes and fortified flours for the gluten-free baker. What inspired mompreneur and CEO Kimberlee Ullner was her personal and family history of celiac disease and other gluten intolerances. She experienced first-hand the need for healthy products that were not in the marketplace.  So she stepped up to meet… See More

Artisan Jam or Store Bought?

Do I jam? No. Do I love jam? oh, yeah! So at this time of year I’m usually looking for interesting articles about jams and new ways to cook with them. What rose to the top in my search efforts, though, was this little article courtesy of Huffington Post: Taste Test: The Best Store-Bought Strawberry Jam. The internet being what it is, most things do manage to stick around for, well, quite a while, and this one was no exception. Thanks in large measure to sugar beet and corn growers (and GMO), laboratories, and chemists, grocery store jam ingredients have remained fairly consistent through the years….high fructose corn syrup,… See More

TonTon’s Affection for Hummus

TonTon’s Affection for Hummus

There are many things that Michael Antonopoulos, owner of TonTon’s Artisan Affections, clearly knows how to do. What is most striking about his story is his ability to reinvent himself. When you meet him he will readily admit that he once weighed in at 300 pounds. But in the next breath he tells the tale of discovering the effect that gluten intolerance had on his health. With new- found information he went on to remake his image and become a fitness trainer helping others find their peak potential, too. Eventually, though, he found himself on a financial edge with food stamps as his main source  of “nutrition”… See More

On-the-Go With Doug’s Nuts

For 20 years, Eugene’s Doug Furlong was known as “The Ice Cream Man.” A food scientist by trade, Furlong helped to develop some of the most popular and familiar premium ice cream brands, from Turtle Mountain and Soy Delicious to Julie’s and Coconut Bliss. And then he turned 60. In what he calls a “watershed moment,” Furlong quit the ice cream business and traveled with his wife Kari to New Zealand for an extended vacation. What happened next, was nuts. While on vacation, Furlong and friends got to talking about what was next for The Ice Cream Man. “We started… See More

Virginia is for Chocolate Lovers

Virginia is for Chocolate Lovers

The DC market has an endless competition for homemade cupcakes and baked goods, but when it comes to chocolates, they are nowhere to be found as if you were looking for water in a desert. However, I finally discovered a locally, handcrafted chocolate company here in the heart of the Mid Atlantic as I toured a local holiday market last year. The Virginia Chocolate Company, founded by Tim Douglas in Stafford, Virginia offered samples of their chocolate bars, and after tasting a piece, I was curious to try more. Inside their glass counter tops were colorful jewels that harvested original… See More

Mech Apiaries Honey and Pear Salad

Mech Apiaries Honey and Pear Salad

Honey is the world’s first sweetener and it remains a favorite to this day. That distinct, warm flavor appears everywhere, from desserts to tea to glazes and more. But honey is also a work-intensive luxury that doesn’t come easy. Modern honey production isn’t as dangerous (or as painful) as it was for the majority of human history. There are cave paintings dating back to 13,000 B.C. depicting people using smoke to force bees away from their hives to get at the honey inside. Later, people began keeping artificial hives made of clay and straw, a process that didn’t change much… See More

Seattle Locals Love: George’s Sausage and Delicatessen

Let’s say you find yourself in downtown Seattle and you want a deli sandwich. Not just any sandwich but a real sandwich, one made of foods that seemed destined to be stacked together for the sake of your hunger and enjoyment. Sure, you could stop into a franchise shop to eat a thoroughly corporate sandwich, but you know better. You’ve asked around, you’ve kibitzed with Seattle’s most discerning palates and you’ve discovered that the locals love George’s Sausage and Delicatessen on Madison Avenue. And what’s not to love? Located at the corner of 9th and Madison in the First Hill… See More

Eugene Buy Local Gift Guide

If you are looking to buy the perfect gift for a food-minded friend, there’s no better place to peruse than Eugene’s Holiday Market where the tagline reads “Made by Hand, Close to Home.” Taking place at the Lane County Fairgrounds weekends from 10am to 6pm until Christmas Eve, the marketplace features artisans galore; all it takes is a little time and patience to weed through the sea of tie-dye to find the diamonds in the rough. Find funky aprons from Anna’s Haute Scrambled Aprons, hand-shaped wooden spoons at Wanna Spoon, local milled flour from Camas Country Mills, and the addictive slow burn of Hell Spice… See More

Cheese Louise! A Local Chef’s Creamery

Take a pot of milk and heat. At a very specific temperature, add in a bit of acid or a bit of rennent, stirring all the while. In a moment of magic, the curd will separate from the whey and you are on your way to making your own cheese. Eugene’s Keith Ellis likes this moment of magic so much, in 2008 he decided to start his very own cheesemaking adventure: Cheese Louise Creamery. The name came about because Ellis’s mother and grandmother both shared the name Louise — making his homegrown business the perfect namesake! The Local Dish: What sparked… See More