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Grilled Cheese is Top Dog in Portland

You’re on a quest. A quest for the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich. You want something that has the perfect crunch to its toasted bread, and is filled with gooey, cheesy goodness that complements the other ingredients for a satisfying and comforting experience. Thankfully for us, Portland is filled with delis, farmers markets and gourmet foodie shops that feature cheeses perfect for warm, delicious sandwiches. Check out one of these spots next time you get a hankering. The Grilled Cheese Grill Alder Pod Cart SW 10th & Alder | Washington, Portland (Double Decker Bus) The School Bus NE 11th & Alberta,… See More

Cheese Louise Pays Homage to Ancestors

Take a pot of milk and heat. At a very specific temperature add in a bit of acid or rennet, stirring all the while. In a moment of magic, the curd separates from the whey and you’re on your way to creating homemade cheese. Eugene’s Keith Ellis likes this moment of magic so much in 2008 he started his own cheese making adventure, Cheese Louise Creamery. The name came about because Ellis’ mother and grandmother both shared the name Louise — making his homegrown business the perfect namesake! Ellis and his wife own Cook’s Pots and Tabletops, a cookware shop and cooking… See More

Aged to Perfection: Washington Cheese

With Spring’s arrival in Seattle, each sunny day has us daydreaming about lakeside picnics and wine parties—both of which wouldn’t be complete without a delightfully pleasing array of tasty, creamy, flavorful cheeses. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’re blessed with a variety of artisan Washington cheese makers who have honed their craft with a passion you can taste in every bite. Come with us a on tour of some of the best local creameries! Beecher’s Handmade Cheese 1600 Pike Place Seattle, WA 98101 206.956.1964 No trip to Pike Place Market is complete without a stop at Beecher’s. Their hand-crafted cheese… See More

Off-The-Grid Cheese From Pholia Farm

If you visit the Tuesday Growers’ Market in Ashland and see a teal-haired, smiling young woman offering cheese samples, take one. Or maybe take a few. Try the aged Elk Mountain or the fennel-studded Special Seedy. You’ll find several types of Pholia Farm cheeses, all named after local landmarks, for sale and sampling under a small white stand. The simplicity of the stand belies the creamy and complex flavors present in the cheeses. “We’re a really small family farm,” explains Amelia Caldwell, handing out tasty tidbits to passersby. Amelia is the daughter of Vern and Gianaclis Caldwell, who named their cheese… See More

Don’t Whey-it! Book a Cheese Country Tour

Achadinha’s aging room filled with wheels of cheese from top to bottom. Photos by: Samantha Clark  Summer Cheese Country Tours have kicked off! Offered by the California Artisan Cheese Festival, the tours are an incredible chance to visit Northern California’s dairies and creameries and get a behind-the-scene look at the life of a farmer and cheese maker. Tour-goers learn about the hard work behind this fascinating trade from the increasing need for sheep lobbyists, to the science of spoiled dairy and mulling over molds. The June 23rd tour kicked off the summer visiting three creameries around Petaluma on the “Marin to… See More