About Paul Quadrini

Arriving from a well-traveled and accomplished career path in sales and marketing, I'm excited to be taking a seat at the table of The Local Dish where I can better pursue my passion for writing and experiencing great food. Growing up in a large Italian American family, home-grown and home-made were key to my family's enjoyment of healthy, tasty food. I look forward to thought provoking discussions and sharing ideas and analyses with our readers on the wide and varied topics that affect us all in our efforts to ensure quality food, nutrition and security.

Man’s Best Friend – A “Must-Have” for Every Guy’s Kitchen!

Photo credit: Paul Quadrini

If there’s one gadget over all others every guy should have in his kitchen, it’s the Vitamix. This amazing device can chop, grate, crush, mix, shred, mince, knead, puree, emulsify, and yes, blend. It’s an extraordinary appliance with which you can create almost any dish or beverage, including margaritas, smoothies, blended coffee drinks, muffins, pancakes, sorbet,… More

A JEM of a Treat!

JEM article

My greatest obstacle to writing this story was my inability to keep enough JEM in the cupboard; it’s that incredibly, decadently and elegantly delicious. When you slowly loosen the lid off your first jar of JEM Cinnamon Red Maca Almond Butter, be sure to have your teaspoon pre-positioned and poised for scooping so as not… More

The Grapes of the 42nd Parallel

Photo credit:  Alex Quadrini

One of my favorite excursions on a sunny, warm Sunday afternoon is to drive out Oregon Highway 238 winding through the peaked hills of what locals affectionately refer to as “The Applegate.” Unbeknown to most, nestled throughout this vibrant green valley and much of the greater Rogue Valley region of southern Oregon are some of the… More

Quinoa Pasta Packs a Nutrition Punch

Photo Credit: Paul Quadrini

A couple of years ago my doctor suggested I remove wheat and sugar from my diet. At the time I had experienced a heart problem and was thirty pounds overweight. Although tests showed no lasting damage, both of my parents had died from heart disease which should have been enough cause for concern about my… More

Almond Flour: Ancient Food for a Modern Day Diet

Photo Credit:  The Chronicle / Paul Chinn

What if I told you that a food dating back to 1400 BCE could be substituted for our modern day, all-purpose flour, reduce your caloric intake by nearly 80%, your carbs by more than 95% and improve your overall health while providing delicious, nutrient-dense meals?  According to The Almond Board of California, almond trees, native… More

Do Consumers Drive Grocery Food Waste?

Photo credit: Secret Freegan.

This is our second report in a series about food waste in America. As previously reported by The Local Dish, Americans waste over $165 billion of food every year; the equivalent of about 40% of the food we produce.  The majority of this food waste takes place in the home.  On average, the typical US… More

Are Money and Politics Messing with our Food?

Note: This post reflects the opinion of the author and not necessarily those of The Local Dish as a publication. Our nation has some very difficult decisions to make about money and politics if we intend to ensure the quality, safety and long-term security of the food we place on our dinner plates.  Increasingly, a variety of… More