How to Make Cheese at Home


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Maximus Minimus on the Road Again


What's that on the corner of 6th and Pike? Is it a space ship? Some kind of experimental military vehicle? It couldn't possibly be what it looks like: … More

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Spring Asparagus Soup

As soon as crocus and snowdrops appear outside, think spring, think fresh asparagus soup. Tis the season to enjoy the many ways of enjoying what my kids call "dragon tails" and one of my mother's all time favorite vegetables. This recipe is from her small soup cookbook "From Jeanie's Ladle to Your Bowl: Soups for Every Season" by Jeanie Phelps. (Serves … More

Aged to Perfection: Washington Cheese


With Spring's arrival in Seattle, each sunny day has us daydreaming about lakeside picnics and wine parties—both of which wouldn’t be complete without … More

Chutney in the Lunch Mix

Frog Hollow Farm Peach Chutney

On days when I'm working for hours at home cooking up stories for The Local Dish, tuna or chicken salad is often my quick budget-friendly lunch. If … More