Scandinavia: Lefse is Simple….to Eat.

RFDuck.Potato Lefse

If you have strong Scandinavian ties, you may well know of lutefisk, the more odorous of the traditional foods that grace the holiday table … More

Ukraine: Sharing Kutya on Christmas Eve

The Fresh Sheet Kutya 2

Across the globe this holiday season, many Eastern Europeans of Russian, Ukrainian and Polish heritage will share a single bowl of their most … More

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Italy: Panettone is NOT Fruitcake

If you want to do as Italians do, don't buy fruitcake. While Americans are sawing into dark, thick brandied cake full of candied fruit, Italians are savoring their holiday bread called panettone. This light and slightly sweet bread is so delicious you'll be coming back for seconds and thirds. Sometimes made with pine nuts and raisins or other candied fruit, panettone looks … More

Philippines: Bibingka Sweetens the Meal


On my global hunt this month for local holiday food traditions, I surfaced one of the most humble treats in the world. Called Bibingka … More

Israel: Sufganiyot is Hanukkah Tradition


  The traditional foods of the Jewish winter festival of Hanukkah incorporate oil as a reference to the oil of the lamps of the ancient Temple … More