Portland’s 2015 Food Fest Begins

Crab Legs and Bread

  For locals and travelers alike, 2015 food festivals in Oregon are taking shape and the operative word is "rich" food...think chocolate, … More

GMO Foods on the Rise

GMO food

A food revolution has been underway for decades, but it hasn't been "of, by and for the people".  It has been described in some circles as a corporate … More


Out of the Woods: Black Truffle Almond Semifreddo

Known for it's affinity to egg-y and cream-y dishes, Semifreddo, Italian for "half cold", is the iconic frozen custard/meringue dessert, constructed much like ice cream cake (you remember those, right?). We're giving all our cooks and readers this recipe for Semifreddo so you, too, can indulge in this divine dish at home. Oregon truffles are prized for their uniquely sweet … More

Seven Best Tips for Straw Bale Gardens

Photo courtesy of RuTemple via flickr

There's no doubt that growing one's own food looks like an increasingly attractive solution for putting pesticide-free food on the family table. You … More

Cranberry Ginger Panettone Bread

Cranberry Ginger Panettone

There's no denying certain holiday foods can conjure up memories of long hours learning treasured and traditional recipes this time of year. This … More