Babuschka Cocktail.ErikForsberg

The Babushka Cocktail

Lucky for you that beets are available year round, so no excuses. Prosecco adds just a little sass of bubbles to the earthy beets in The Babushka Cocktail for a festive summer or ...

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Why You Should Eat at Ashland’s Brickroom

Ask anyone what they like about Ashland, Oregon and “great food” is likely to be high on the list. That’s because there’s usually a restaurant round-robin or two underway that competes mightily for the tastebuds of locals and visitors alike. Across Oregon, farmers, food artisans and chefs make magic by sourcing from each other, and collaboratively find their way onto some pretty darn creative and flavor-packed…

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CG3-Roasted-Pepper-Hummus (logo)

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

This rainbow recipe for Roasted Red Pepper Hummus requires only a bit of knife work and creates oh so healthy veggie dippers for picnic portability or serving a crowd at home. If you don’t have jarred peppers in the cupboard, but do have a supply of red bell peppers from your garden or the local farmers market, you can…

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